Monday, January 24, 2011

Rami Pinchevsky files for his 4th Ward City Council Candidacy

Rami Pinchevsky - 4th Ward Candidate
As reported on the MSV blog last Friday Rami Pinchevsky has filed his ELEC for his candidacy for 4th Ward City Council to challenge the seat now held by Tim Occhipinti. Rami is considered a "reform" candidate in some circles and is currently serving as Hoboken Democratic Committeeman for the 2nd District in the 4th Ward. Rami has also taken Municipal CFO classes at Rutgers to get a handle on how municipal budgeting works. On top of that Rami also is an actuary in his day job. This candidate certainly knows his numbers. :)

Below is a comment from Eric Kurta, a long time Hoboken activist and 1st Ward Council Candidate on MSV blog:

"I took one of the NJ/Rutgers municipal CFO classes with Rami last year. I can say confidently that he knows how the city's budgeting process is supposed to work, that he can read a budget and understand its implications, and that he's interested enough in his community to spend a bunch of Saturdays in a windowless classroom in New Brunswick to educate himself on such matters. Maybe I'm all alone on this, but that's the kind of thing that I look for in a candidate."

- Eric Kurta

So far, the races for Hoboken City Council look like this based on declarations or rumors:

"Good Governance" / Reform:

1st Ward - Eric Kurta. Filed.
2nd Ward - Tom Greaney. Filed.
3rd Ward - No one formally/informally declared besides incumbent. Greg Lincoln's name comes up in the discussion.
4th Ward- Rami Pinchevsky. Filed.
5th Ward- Peter Cunningham. Will declare and file soon.
6th Ward - No one formally/informally declared besides incumbent. Joe Bronco is out after giving it consideration. This was on Grafix Avenger blog as well as a good source of mine.

Old Guard / "New Majority":

1st Ward - Terry Castellano, perhaps another resident fom Marine View.
2nd Ward - Beth Mason. Declared.
3rd Ward - Mike Russo, perhaps another long time resident.
4th Ward- Tim Occhipinti. Filed.
5th Ward- Leonard Luizzi (declared), possibly Perry Belfiore, Jason Orlando's wife, Scott Delea, etc.
6th Ward - Nino Giacchi.

My final comment: I spoke with Rami briefly today and I wish him luck. If he runs a vigorous campaign which I expect he will, Tim Occhipinti will not have the same resources at his disposal as he did in the November Special election, where all the dark elements were aligned against the reform bogey man Mike Lenz. The best gift twards Rami's campain could come in the form of an April surprise regarding the alleged voter fraud committed on behalf of Tim's campaign. ◦