Friday, April 8, 2011

Video: Hoboken's Channel 78 Anchor Man in Full Tin Hat Mode

Break out the rotten tomatoes its tin foil hat time with Hoboken 411's ghost writer and channel 78 anchorman Lane Bajardi. Regular followers of City Council meetings are used to his half-baked rants but perhaps this time he crosses some legal lines when it comes to defamation and slander. This footage is from this Wednesday's City Council meeting and the strategy is obvious to me: deflect the blame away from Mike Russo's corruption and attack everyone else who has trying to improve Hoboken over the years (even though they might not be perfect).

Question: How in the hell does scorched earth lunacy like this help Beth Mason at the polls? Watch and enjoy the show. Not only is she controlled by corrupt minded Mike Russo with respect to her 2009 Council slates, she can't control her number attack dog Lane Bajardi. Folks, you are watching the USS Bethtanic at 27 degree list. The ship is sinking and Lane, in my layperson's view needs counseling.

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