Friday, April 8, 2011

Pino Site Poetry Time with the Russos

A Hoboken Patch article published today has Mike Russo pushing for a park at the Pino Site but one commenter remembers the history of the Russo's and that site and it isn't good news for honest taxpayers for Hoboken's number one crime family "The Russos" that is still in elected offices.

From Patch: "The now-barren site of a former tow lot next door to the Jubilee Center on Sixth and Jackson Streets—also known as "the Pino site"—has been pegged as the Third Ward's newest park by Councilman Michael Russo."

Link to Patch Piece on Pino Park:

The Hudson Reporter article from has a great quote that sums it up:

"The judge, according to the Ledger story, said that Pino was the victim of "a culture of corruption" but that she is not without culpability because she was a willing participant in the corruption."

Link to Hudson Reporter article on Pino history and Russo Corruption:

Here is my poetry slam response to this idea of Mike Russo and his family having anything to do with that site (Pino):
Pino Pino on the wall,
Who is the most corrupt Russo of them all?
Is it Michelle with all her ducks in a row?
Skimming off the top at $5 dollars a tow? (allegedly)
Was it Papa who got caught and went to jail,
the headmaster of this family corruption tale?
Was it Mike who was "brazen" when he met with Solomon Dwek?
And almost sold out the City for a $5,000 check?

Corruption, Corruption it must go.
Vote out Mike and Beth Russo!
Vote for honesty and don't let Hoboken go astray,
Vote out the "Council of No" come the elections in May.

My comment: I think parks are great and the 3rd Ward, 4th Ward and 5th Ward are all under serviced with respect to them. What Hoboken really needs now are ball fields and the Pino site could possibly be a small kid's soccer field but I don't think it could be regulation size and probably not suited for baseball either given its shape. Russo introduced this initiative to move the topic away from his corrupt nature in full public display on those tapes. One thing we don't need is another jungle gym laden travesty that is now a good chunk of Church Square Park. Does the public trust his family with that site given the history or a few Perry Belfiore endorsed mea culpas enough to wipe the slate clean? Put your trust in Mike Russo when it comes to Public Projects? Not me. Not anymore. He doesn't serve me, he serves himself. Don't let the push for parks fool you. ◦