Thursday, January 20, 2011

Humus Bar - A Hoboken Healthy Alternative!

Hummus Bar
Location: 630 Washington Street, Hoboken NJ 07030
Phone: 201-850-1000
Fax: 201-850-1870
Ordering Online:

To kick off a healthier new Year in Hoboken The Hummus bar opened up in the first week of January with a delicious and healthy alternative to other eating options in Hoboken. I spoke with Nevo who is from Israel and is happy with the response so far which has had him quite busy and with favorable customer feedback. Former Hoboken BOE Board member Ron Rosenberg is a frequent customer as alas he has an Israeli eatery in which to dine in without going to NYC or elsewhere. Both Ron and I are big fans of this new place. The owner Nevo, is eager to please his customers and excited to have healthy eating options in Hoboken.

This used to be a fried chicken place. Now enter the world hummus!

The wall inside lists the health benefits of hummus.

One night I got my hummus Texas Style. The hummus and the steak with onions and veggies
 made a nice meal. This was very flavorful and I added the tasty Falafel as an addition for
under $2. You can either get regular or whole wheat pita.

A sampling of sides. I love the chopped salad! It is a great way to enjoy your veggies!

Below is a copy of the menu from the Hummus Bar that I scanned in. Mention the Hoboken Journal when you order to help me ascertain my website's reach with respect to these informal marketing efforts if you should decide to order based on my brief writeup. As the editor of the Hoboken Journal I am just a customer and as of now don't take ads or market to take ads from any local vendors. Any thing I write up on local businesses is based on my experiences unless specified otherwise and is done with the community and not my own personal profit in mind.

Just as a comic side note, Nevo who own the Hummus Bar and is from Israel is a big fan of Adam Sandler. I talked to him about the comedy "Don't Mess with the Zohan" which features hummus in several parts of the movie. Here is one such scene below. Keep in mind that the way hummus is served in the clip is not the way it is served in one of Hoboken's hottest new eateries, the Humus Bar.:) Enjoy!