Saturday, January 8, 2011

NFL Saturday Preview - Predictions

Tonight starting at 4:30PM on NBC, the New Orleans Saints will face the Seattle Seahawks for the first Wild Card game of the 2010-2011NFL post season. The Seahawks are the first team in the history to make the payoffs with a losing record. The Seahawks were 7-9 this season. Even though the Seattle defense tends to be better at home I feel the Saints will be able to handle the crowd noise and run away with this game featuring the arm of Drew Brees.

My Prediction:

Saints 42 - Seahawks 17

The other game which is of most interest this weekend is the Jets at the Indianapolis Colts at 8PM also on NBC network. The Jets have looked great at times but have also been inconsistent. The Colts failed to reach 12wis for the first time in about a decade so thy are no the team they used to be but they still have Peyton Manning. Expect a chess match when Peyton has the ball and tries to figure out the Jets blitzes. The Jets will get pressure and Peyton might even throw 1-2 interceptions. Even though I am rooting for the Jets I think in the end Manning will beat them i the end wit a couple of well timed deep throws.  I think Sanchez will have a good game for the Jets but it won't be enough. Colts win in a close one with a possible 2 minute game winning drive from Peyton Manning. Sorry Jets fans.

My Prediction:

Colts 31- Jets 28

Hoboken Note: Here are my favorite spots to watch a football game in Hoboken: Rogo's, 1 Republik, The Wicked Wolf, McSwiggins and Black Bear. Get there early for the Jet game if you want a seat. ◦