Sunday, January 16, 2011

NFL Sunday Preview - Predictions Divisional Round Part Two

Well, folks why prognostication efforts are off to a bad start this NFL playoff year. After Saturday's games I am 1-5 failing to pick a winner yesterday. Both teams that I chose were actually underdogs in the simulations.Today I will be going with the favorites. Jets fans should take note and breath a sigh of relief. I am 1-5 in picking teams so far so that cold be a very good omen indeed. Today's games are easier for me to chose the winner but the NFL reminds us almost every week how much parity exists in the game . Any team has a chance to  win every week.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Chicago Bears Sunday 1PM

I have friend who put down $500 on the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. The odds started at 60-1 and he got in at 40-1. There has been a rush on the Vegas line with respect to that bet. My prediction if correct could cost my friend $20,000.

I am going with the Bears 27-17 because Jay Cutler is more comfortable with the offense and the Bears are a better team overall than they were in the beginning of the year. Seattle won the first matchup but this Bear team has momentum and has home field. The spirit of Mike Ditka will rule the day and pump up the defense enough to make the big lays needed despite he fact the the lat few home games they have given up a lot of points. The Cinderella story stops here.

My prediction: Da Bears 27 Da Hawks 17

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots

Don't get me wrong, I never  been a fan of New England and I don't like QBs with long hair despite whatever Giselle says to her hubby Tom Brady. Darelle Revis is a great player but the problem with his greatness is that he will get to likely shut down his man but it won't matter. Ever since the Patriots jettisoned malcontent Randy Moss and went to two tight ends they have been on a roll offensively. Rookie tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski have been on a tear and Brady has over a 130 QB rating when throwing to them. The Jets are not goo against the TE this season and now they have to face two of them. I predict that Tom Brady will pick apart he Jets underneath and the Patriots will score over 30 points in this one. Jets QB Mark Sanchez will have a decent day but will not match om Brady's offensive output. Long hair or not, Tom Brady is the run away MVP in the regular season. He will show it today. Sorry Jets fans. Take heart in the fact I am 1-5 s far with my predictions.

Oh and don't forget Patriots RB/WR little Danny Woodhead. You have to see him first before you can tackle him! :)

My prediction: New England Patriots 38 New York 20

Also, Reader InfotainMe has his picks for Sunday. You should pay attention to his more than mine. So far he is 4-2 compared to my 1-5 record.

InfotainMe's Sunday Predictions:

Bears 37 Seahawks 20. Bottom line, if the Bears don't bury this team, there's little reason to watch the NFC championship after what the Pack did to the Falcons. Cutler has no playoff experience, but has won some surprising games down the stretch (Eagles, Jets). Bears have no injuries and have had tremendous luck, getting the easiest draw in the playoffs and getting the 2-seed at 11-5 when two 10-6 teams didn't make the playoffs at all. They'll be a laughing stock if they don't put one on Seattle. They will.

Patriots 30 Jets 17. Best big game coach in the business + Brady = too much. Jets can't get to the QB without blitzing. Blitzing is a gift to Brady. Someone other than the guy Revis is covering will be open.

Best hope for the Jets is a fast start. Patriots defense is not that great, but since they're handed so many big leads, they only have to play the pass. Run the ball well, give McKnight some carries, lots of short passes to keep Brady off the field. That's the chance. Keep it close til the 4th quarter and make those bastards sweat for once. ◦