Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Ten Places for Ricky Mason to Donate $500,000 to Instead of Beth Mason's 2nd Ward Campaign

There is much talk about how much Beth Mason will spend to defend her 2nd Ward seat come May. Some place her expenditures at around $500,000. Of course the source of these funds will come from her husband Ricky who Dr. Phil would likely classify as an enabler for his check writing capabilities. This is a half humorous half serious attempt at suggesting others uses for the money instead of another likely Beth Mason electoral defeat....

Top Ten Places for Ricky Mason to Donate $500,000
to Instead of Beth Mason's 2nd Ward Campaign:

Beth Mason alongside her favorite check writer and husband  Ricky Mason playing dress up a few years back.
10) Pay Josh Cooper aka Hoboken's very own "Jobless Josh" at 5 years at $100,000 per annum:
Josh Copper is a 26 year old Hobokenite who has been unemployed since February 2010. He has a well written and at times humorous website about his unemployment experience at  http://www.joblessjosh.com/.

9) Pay venom spewing talking head Lane Bajardi at $125,000 per annum for 4 years:
Lane's primary duties will be to spread the word of all things good about Beth Mason (it takes real truth bending talent and a lack of intellectual honesty which are qualities Lane has in abundance). Why such a high salary for such self-righteous pablum and verbal garbage? Simple: Lane's ego can't take the fact that he would be making less than the very talented Ian Sacs and he has to at least make as much as short term Mayor Peter Cammarano's Directors like Terry Labruno ($125K). And besides overpaying for less than stellar talent is a specialty of Beth Mason's. The only thing Lane would do is at least keep Beth's name in the media during his tenure. Too late! Rumor has it that Lane Bajardi is already being compensated for his efforts by Beth Mason via Ricky's checkbook.

8) 50 $10,000 Scholarships for Hoboken High School students:
This would signify that Beth wants Hoboken students to have a real chance at producing some real results in the real world by providing a real hand in jump starting their educational efforts. Those would be some real results we could all be proud of.

7) Send 250 kids from the Hoboken Housing Authority to Disney World for at least a week:
I figure a nice trip to Disney World would be worth about $2000 per kid for at least a week. Think of 250 happy faces in the HHA as well as those parents who would appreciate this goodwill gesture. Problem is 4th Ward voters are not of much use to Beth Mason since $13,400 in street money to Tim Occhipinti bought her all that she really desires, the Presidency of the Hoboken City Council.

6) Fund Project Play with the whole $500,000:
That is a lot of swing sets and jungle gyms for even Church Square Park. And besides Beth Mason would have a minion for life in David Liebler who is a big champion of Project Play as well as a basher of Dawn Zimmer on Facebook.

5) Double the taxpayer efforts of Senator Robert Menedez and donate $500,000 to the Jubiliee Center:
Last year Senatror Bob Menendez secured $250,000 for the Jubilee Center using taxpayer funds. It is afterall a very god cause. The Senator even had a dinner in Hoboken at Amanda's to commemorate this generous gift. By this very donation Beth Mason could double Bob's generosity and possibly set herself up for US Senate run with all the great publicity it  would get. There is little doubt the residents in the Housing Authority would appreciate the gift returning much good will in kind.

4) Donate $500,000 to the renovation of Mama Johnson Field:
I spoke recently with HHA Director Carmelo Garcia and he estimates that the Mama Johnson field could be renovated for between $600,000 - $700,000. $500,000 would be a great start and as Carmelo says often at the Hoboken BOE: "Do it for the children".

3) Feed 10,000 children in Africa for one year:
According to an article I read on CNN that 25 cents a day, $5 a month, $50 a year can feed a child and offer them the opportunity for an education in Africa. Thus, $500,000 could feed 10,000 African children for one year. Wow! Can Beth Mason put aside her personal ambition and help 10,000 starving souls in Africa? Probably not. Ambition is a powerful and dark force that occupies her universe.

See the article below on page for the source of this estimate:

2) Pay Hoboken 411 proprietor and smear merchant Perry Klaussen a stipend of $50k per annum for ten years:
Many in Hoboken feel that Perry Klaussen is being compensated by Beth Mason via Ricky already. Many savvy web people I have spoken to think that he most Perry can pull in is around $50K per year based on advertising models and their estimate of his real (not bloated) web traffic. Another $50K per year would keep this nut job in business for at least another 10 years with a comfortable standard of living at $100k per year. Maybe Perry Klaussen could finally buy some new shorts with the extra money.

1) Dawn Zimmer Community Reform Center:
Beth Mason has a breakdown (you mean she hasn't already?) and finally concedes that Dawn Zimmer is indeed the true leader of the good governance movement and reform on the whole and donates the whole $500,000 as a starter fund for the Dawn Zimmer Community Reform Center.

Editor's Note: Beth Mason has given to Hoboken charities in the past and in many cases quite generously but sometimes with strings attached like her gift/loan to the Hoboken YMCA.

Readers: Feel free to add your own suggestion on how to spend the $500,000 in the comments section below.... ◦