Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cooking with Kurt - Giant Sized Zesty Pasta Salad

My cooking skills are about as good as my prognostication of this year's NFL playoff games. With that said I have included a recipe I made for a large group pot luck supper. I call this creation Kurt's Giant Sized Zesty Pasta Salad. It has a little but of everything in it including healthy and non-healthy ingredients. Consider this as a possible Superbowl Party side dish.

Kurt's Giant Sized Zesty Pasta Salad

Main Ingredient:
Bring to boil and cook al dente, cool and then drain 2 1/2 packages of tri-color fusilli #34 (40oz.).

Parboil these:
One Package of mixed multi-colored cauliflower chopped up coarse.
1/2 head of broccoli chopped up coarse.

Raw ingredients for Kurt's Zesty Pasta Salad
Wash and chop these:
1-2 cucumbers peeled and chopped.
1/2 large red onion chopped.
2 green peppers chopped.
1 red pepper chopped.

Cut into cubes these:
1/2 cold cut ham chopped.
1 stick of dry salami chopped.
1 stick of peperoni chopped.
1/2 pound of Gouda cheese cut into cubes.
1/2 pound extra sharp Cheddar cheese.

Add these in and stir:
1/3 to 1/2 pound of  Parmigiano Reggiano  cheese.
Healthy sprinkling of dried cilantro. By all means use fresh if you have it.
Healthy sprinkling of "Perfect Pinch" seasoning to taste.
16 oz. Paul Newman's Family Recipe Italian Dressing (or make your own). Add more if you like it with more dressing.

Viola! The finished product provides many servings for a large group.
Feeds: A whole congregation!

Feedack: Mmm good! ◦