Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Edith Tunick - In Remembrance

Edith Tunick who touched many Hobokenites during her long life passed away last Thursday. Here is a note from local dentist Marc L. Melnick DDS in remembrance of Edith:

To all our patients, old and new,

We regret to inform all of you of the recent passing of Edith Tunick, our indescribable, but beloved front desk receptionist. She passed away on February 17 after a very short illness. We are all shocked with her passing.

Edith made a mark on all she touched in her 28 years as our office manager. She became acquainted with all who entered the office. All who met and knew her never forgot her overwhelming presence. We all have "Edith stories" etched in our brains. She made sure that every patient knew they were important to our office; that she was personally responsible to make sure that everyone got an appointment, calling on weekends, holidays and whenever she felt she could connect with a patient. So many of you have told me that if it wasn't for her "harassing phone calls" they would not have any teeth! She did her job well.

The friends she made over the years in the office were a large part of her social life. She kept in touch with many outside the office and gave advice, whether asked or not, because she really cared about people.

Edith was a very special person, and our entire community in the office and beyond will miss her very much.

Thank you, Edith, for everything!

Marc L. Melnick DDS and Staff
938 Hudson Street
PO Box 3279
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

To contact Marc his email is: