Friday, June 17, 2011

Greg Meyers Wins Hoboken Sinatra Idol 2011 -Third time is the charm!

Last night at Hoboken Sinatra Park, the 5th Annual Sinatra Idol contest was held in Hoboken. Greg Myers who hails from Plainfield New Jersey won the crown and did it his way, the hard way. He was the only contestant to score 5 out of 5 from all the judges and his performance was the truly the best of the lot out of the 16 contestants. The judges really got the winner right.

This was Greg Meyers third Sinatra Idol contest in Hoboken and it will also be his last as winners are not allowed to compete again. The first time he came in third place, the second time in second, and finally first prize for him last night. This should be a lesson in perseverance and fortitude. I could tell Greg really wanted to win before his performance and I was happy to finally see him obtain his goal. He really has Frank Sinatra's subtleties down and gives the songs a very polished feel. Very well deserved.

Cultural Affairs Director Geri Fallo  and Sinatra style singer Gary “Simpsinatra” Simpson co-hosted the event and had a fun banter back and forth that entertained the audience a bit. Gary, along with judge Ernie Conti, sang some numbers as well. The contest closed with all contestants singing the Sinatra classic "New York, New York".

Below are some photos and video from the event:

2011 Hoboken Sinatra Idol Winner Greg Meyers:

And Bonus Video from last year!:

2010 Hoboken Sinatra Idol Winner David Arellano

2010 Hoboken Sinatra Idol Runner Up Greg Myers