Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hoboken Pinewood Derby Highlights 1-31-2011

Below are a few photos from last night's Annual Hoboken Pinewood Derby event held at the Rue School Gym from 7PM to about 9PM. About 32 cars participated in this double elimination event. A few kids took defeat a little hard but most of the kids that did not make the top 5 took it in stride. The quote of the night was from the Scout master who reminded the little cub scouts (paraphrased) "If you lose, do not cry, there is no crying in Pinewood Derby".

Even though this was a competitive event, there really no losers here and this an event to me is a classic slice of Americana. Thanks to Greg Lincoln who invited me and has two boys in the troop.

Video highlights of Hoboken Pinewood Derby 1-31-2011: