Monday, February 21, 2011

Irish JibJab- Key Tim Occhipinti Supporters Dance Irish Jig for Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade Party

In this Jibjab video key Timmy Occhipinti supporters Frank "Pupie" Raia (wearing pants this time), Mike Novak, Maurice Fitzgibbons, and Ruben Ramos dance along side with Timmy to celebrate the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day 2011 Party held last night at Our Lady of Grace Annex. There were a bunch of political figures at the event last night and I didn't want to leave them out as I did in my post earlier this morning. These guys really know how to party (especially with the tax payer's money! Enjoy:

My comment: Light hearted political satire is always the aim of my JibJab videos. It is just to remind readers who is backing who. When Tim Occhipinti ran his campaign last fall for the 4th Ward he ran on the platform of being independent. Since assuming office Tim has proved to be anything but independent. He has voted in lock step with the "New Majority" which has been obstructing many of the initiatives that the Zimmer Administration is putting forth. That is fine if you the voter feel that way but you can't be "With Tim" and for Zimmer. New political followers of my site should take note that Frank Raia, Maurice Fitzgibbons and Ruben Ramos are part of the "old guard" mentality that has left Hoboken with the wrong type of development, a stupid unused "Pupie Park" by Shoprite, a once underfunded budget now corrected and crumbling infrastructure all for the sake of political patronage. They have had their chance and failed. Tim with his new face is just a front for a return to the old ways. So anyone backed by these guys should be avoided if you generally support the Mayor's agenda to move the City of Hoboken forward.

Despite the claptrap you might be hearing from other sites such as Hoboken 411, Dawn Zimmer is polling fairly well according to a source of mine and has approval ratings well above 50%. You should enjoy the old guard Irish jig dance recital now for this citizen blogger certainly hopes that the Beth Mason, Mike Russo, Terry Castellano, Nino Giacchi, and Tim Occhipinti cabal won't be dancing in May. The Mayor's loose slate of candidates only need to pick up 2 out of the 6 races to get things back on track. ◦