Thursday, February 17, 2011

Talk of the Town - Silence of the Bajardi? - Lane Bajardi No Longer Muzzled by Beth Mason Campaign

Update 2/17/2011: Lane Bajardi did speak toward the end of last night's City Council meeting so It would seem his muzzling has been temporary lifted. Political gamesmanship aside Beth Mason looked bad squashing campaign finance reform and so it would appear she sent in her number one attack dog to smear Ravi Bhalla and deflect the main topic. To some extent it may have worked a bit but voters intent on real campaign finance reform and don't want outsider influence in Hoboken elections will remember where Beth Mason stands on the issue and cast their ballot accordingly. Their vote won't be for her. She sealed that coffin.

So it would appear for now Lane Bajardi is back on the public speaker list. Will he attend next week's address by Dawn Zimmer with the intent to heckle? Stay tuned. I wouldn't put it past the guy.

Talk of the Town - Is Lane Bajardi being muzzled?

Lane Bajardi has been such a fixture at City Council meetings that his nickname, among others is the "Channel 78 Anchorman".  This is a reference to his continual presence at Hoboken City Council meetings and his former career in radio (and a wee bit of TV) at Bloomberg before he was cut loose a few years back. I probably could come up with a few more names but I would like to keep those choice nicknames away from the members of the polite society that remain in Hoboken.

The Hoboken Journal has, is and always will be an advocate of free speech but disagrees with just about every thing that Lane Bajardi has said in recent memory. Lets face it, there is no denying he hates Dawn Zimmer with just about every cell in his little body. His vehemence and dedication to attacking all things Zimmer has reached a pathos that quite frankly has obscured just about any rational presence the man could have left. With that said, the man with little Napoleon complex has a gift of twisting words due to years of on the job training. Therefore to the uninitiated in Hoboken politics he could perhaps be persuasive, unless they actually have the facts. I always try to give credit where credit is due on his skills of manipulation. Time and time again this spinmeister and smear merchant has twisted half truths into what could be to some a persuasive argument, especially if they are not aware of the history of certain things for example like the municipal garage.

Thus, Lane Bajardi's absence at only one City Council meeting has some wondering,  is he being told to stay away? One missed meeting does not a order make but a second hand source says he is being told by Beth Mason's campaign or Beth Mason directly to hold back until the election. We will have to see if this rumor plays out to be true or is there if there is a shift in strategy should Mason return to old form and go negative once again. For now, Beth Mason's campaign strategy seems to be a political make-over. She in fact has gone out of her way to be nicer to people, even those like myself who are on the record opposing her. In fact her campaign website goes out the way to say "Beth is working closely with Mayor Zimmer and her administration" on the website's introduction page. Thus, a rumor that Lane is being muzzled by Beth Mason makes sense as it plays into her new image makeover and feigned calls for civility after apparently realizing that strategy wasn't working.

My prediction is you won't see Lane Bajardi unless there is a shift in strategy to go negative. Don't worry, if you are one of those who might miss his antics at meetings you can still check him out at Hoboken 411. It is speculated that he writes for that website as his talking points always show up next day sometimes almost word for word. His ghost writing presence is all over the place in the political articles. So without further adieu I present to you the former City Council horror show against reform......

Silence of the Bajardi

Note: Lane Bajardi is not a murderer but is considered by some
to be unhinged (e.g. BOE assault case) and thus this photoshop parody.
After the election The Hoboken Journal hopes he seeks the help
he needs in the likely event that Beth Mason  loses.