Friday, March 25, 2011

2nd Ward Council Candidate Tom Greaney Regarding the City Hall Incident

2nd Ward Council Candidate Tom Greaney sent out this repsonse today in repsonse to Beth Mason's presser sent out eralier in the day. The list of reasons why Beth Mason must be voted out of office keep piling up.....


Tom Greaney - 2nd Ward City
Council Candidate

Yesterday, an unfortunate incident occurred involving a city employee and Parking Utility Director Sacs. There are many rumors circulating about precisely who did what and why. The Hoboken Police Department was involved, and the City is properly conducting a third party administrative review so it can make appropriate personnel decisions.

As an experienced Human Resource professional, I understand the sensitivity involved in personnel decisions and the urgent need for the city to conduct its own investigation to determine the facts and circumstances. Investigations of these types are best done by qualified and independent third parties. Mayor Zimmer acted quickly and appropriately in moving to refer the matter to a third party investigator.

Unfortunately, Council President Mason, my opponent in the race for Second Ward City Council, chose to put out a highly politically charged press release. By doing so, she has politicized a highly sensitive personnel matter. Quite simply, that was the opposite of how this matter should be addressed. It is imperative that our public officials act in a thoughtful and restrained fashion when dealing with personnel matters. Putting out a press release without knowing the facts is simply wrong.

Even during a political season, public officials must be willing to recognize that the duties of their offices take precedence over political machinations. This is especially true when dealing with personnel matters that can have profound impacts on careers, and the management of our city.

I am deeply disappointed and disturbed that my opponent either didn't know, or didn't care, when she chose to politicize this matter. Both the citizens of Hoboken, and the parties involved, deserve better and more responsible leadership.

Tom Greaney
Second Ward Council Candidate

For reference here is Beth Mason' Statement on the incident published earlier today:

Beth Mason Puts her personal politics above
innocent victim of assault (by his account).
“The actions taken yesterday by Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the City Administration in response to an altercation between a city employee and City Parking Authority Director Ian Sacs are very troubling.

To have a city director engage in a physical altercation with one of his subordinates in front of passengers and City Police is unacceptable, and Mr. Sacs physically commandeering a city vehicle and driving it without a proper commercial license is worse, but the Administration’s response was outrageous.

Police led Mr. Sacs away in handcuffs, along with the city employee, and then Mr. Sacs received legal counsel in a jail cell from two lawyers, including the City’s Corporation Counsel, while the city employee received no legal counsel.

The Corporation Counsel’s responsibility is to represent the City, not serve as Mr. Sacs’ personal attorney.

The Mayor’s decision to suspend the employee without pay, while keeping her friend, Mr. Sacs, on the payroll with free legal advice from the Corporation Counsel, goes beyond any reasonable bounds of fairness. Apparently, the Mayor has already decided that Mr. Sacs is absolutely right and the city employee is absolutely wrong. That is the role we have entrusted to our legal system for more than 200 years and I am shocked that Mayor Zimmer would so easily trounce anyone’s civil liberties.

Lastly, the Mayor has called for a “third-party investigation” into this matter. Before she spends any more tax dollars to defend Mr. Sacs, she should let the Hoboken Police conduct a thorough and objective investigation and let our courts decide where to affix responsibility for this ugly incident.”

- Beth Mason
Current 2nd Ward Councilperson and ardent opponent of the Zimmer Administration

My comment: What a difference between Greaney and Mason, like night and day? ◦