Thursday, March 17, 2011

And the 2011 Hoboken BOE Ballot Positions are.....

Hot off the press: The drawing for Hoboken BOE candidates was done thisafternoon and below are the ballot positions. A total of 8 candidates are in with Anthony Oland stepping aside at the last minute. There is a rumor that king-maker and old guard instigator Frank Raia gave Anthony a talking to to help convince him to drop out but that rumor has not been substantiated.

2011 Hoboken BOE Ballot positions are as follows:

1) Carmelo Garcia*
2) John Madigan

Kid's First Candidates:
3) Clifford Godfrey
4) Jean Marie Mitchell*
5) Steven Feinstein

6) Francis Rhodes Kearns*
7) Patricia Waiters
8)Peter Biancamano

* Means currently on Board of Education.

Still no confirmation of what slate if any, the other candidates besides the Kids First team are on. ◦