Friday, March 18, 2011

"The Zimmer 6" respond to Beth Mason's Lack of Repsonsibilty as City Council President

It would appear that Beth Mason as City Council President tabled an item that needed to be voted on to pay the police their increase from the contract settlement a few weeks ago. Here is the response form th Zimmer endorsed challengers running for office and Peter Cunningham.


While we are delighted that the City Council passed Mayor Zimmer's bond ordinances for upkeep and acquisition of parks, we are dismayed by the lack of priorities shown by the council majority in rushing to end session by midnight. The priorities of our municipal government should be doing the business of the people to the best of their ability, trying to meet an arbitrary deadline because Council Members would rather get home than finish their jobs.

We pledge to take the responsibility of the council seriously and put the interests of our constituents first. If the length of the meetings is such a problem, you either stick it out or meet more frequently. It is negligent and irresponsible for our council to simply get up and and walk out.

When business is rushed in this manner, our City Council misses important operational deadlines. Last night due to a hurried majority led by Council President Beth Mason, Hoboken will be unable to pay the police in concert with the much-hailed contract signed by the Mayor a few weeks ago.

We cannot afford more of the same. We must elect council representatives that put the public interest before self-interest. We must Move Hoboken Ahead.

Eric Kurta, Candidate 1st Ward
Tom Greaney, Candidate 2nd Ward
Greg Lincoln, Candidate 3rd Ward
Rami Pinchevsky, Candidate 4th Ward
Peter Cunningham, Councilman 5th Ward
Jennifer Giattino, Candidate 6th Ward ◦