Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beth Mason Pumps up her HQ Opening Numbers

Beth Mason held her HQ kickoff at 1200 Washington St. today. Consistent with he inability to quote accurate numbers as evidenced by her numerous mis-statements on the budget surplus Beth Mason bragged that she had over 250 people that came to her HQ event.

The usual political operatives and figures where there for Beth including Perry Belfiore, Fank Raia, Ruben Ramos, Richard DelBocchio and non-reformer Scott Delea. There were some 2nd Ward supporters as well but the majority of the crowd by the estimation of several observers besides just myself have come to the consensus that was not even close to 250 people and was mostly political types and not voters despite Beth Mason's best efforts to get people to come out.

I submit these photos from the event and ask the reader, does this look like 250 people?

This is not 250 people.

This also is not 250 people.

250 People? GTFOH!

Again, Beth Mason's credibility comes into question  when she can't state simple truths about actual numbers of attendees to a political event. Is her own insecurity about her chances of winning in May driving this distorton of simple facts? May or June can't come soon enough. The silly season is picking up steam. Hold on for the bumpy ride. ◦