Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update: NJDWSC Commissioner Michael Cricco from Hoboken resigns post

Update 3/23/2011: Politicker NJ is reporting that former Hoboken 5th Ward Councilman Michael Cricco and ardent Tim Occhipiniti supporter has stepped down from his NJDWSC Sewerage post.

Cricco said on his resignation in a letter to colleagues:

"Of late, questions have been raised about my tenure on the commission," Cricco said in a letter to his colleagues. "I have not engaged in any wrongdoing, and at all times, I have acted in the best interests of the commission and my public responsibilities.

"Nevertheless, I understand the right of the Governor to have Commissioners of his choosing," Cricco added. "I believe he is doing what he feels is in the best interests of New Jersey and I respect that. I do not want my individual situation to be a distraction from your public duties. Thus, my admiration for the Commission and the people it serves regretfully compels me to submit my resignation from the office of Commissioner, effective immediately, to avoid any further disruption of the Commission's important work."

Link to full article:

Feel free to comment below on whether or not you feel this was an appropriate action by Governor Christie....

Original Post 3/17/2011:

Gov. Christie demands resignation of NJDWSC Commissioner Michael Cricco of Hoboken

Michael Cricco with Peter Cammarano
who he endorsed in 2009.
The website had an article of interest about a local resident and former 5th Ward City Councilman Michael Cricco who is under fire from Governor Chrisie for purportedly skipping out on his duties with the Schools Development Authority to attend meetings instead at the Wanaque-based North Jersey District Water Supply Commission. Read more on this purported case of double dipping, which seems to be a fairly common practice in New Jersey that Governor Christie seems resolute on stopping, heaven, hell or Hoboken. It should be noted Michael Cricco was a supporter of Tim Occhipinti in the last campaign.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

“The Legislature has a clear choice on this issue – stand up for the public who demand that public money be used in an appropriate, efficient and responsible manner or side with the political appointees and entrenched interests who abuse the public trust to enrich themselves and their cohorts,” Christie said


In pressing for additional oversight, the governor cited action taken Wednesday by his office to police these entities with the commencement of removal proceedings against two members of the Wanaque-based North Jersey District Water Supply Commission.

In letters issued Wednesday, Christie notified NJDWSC Commissioners Albert Manzo and Michael Cricco, that he will immediately commence removal proceedings for cause. In addition, the governor also took the necessary steps to suspend the commissioners without pay pending the resolution of the removal proceedings.


Christie wrote Cricco that he attended commission meetings on at least 20 occasions when he should have been at his paid job with the state Schools Development Authority. The governor wrote that he understands Cricco continued the practice even after SDA officials told him to stop it.