Friday, March 25, 2011

Jen Giattino needs your help for 6th Ward Hoboken City Council

Here is a quick note from Jen Giattino who is running against Nino Giacchi for 6th Ward Hoboken City Council on May 10th. Nino may like to call himself the "voice of reason" but I believe Jen Giattino will provide the "votes of reason". Jen is running because she cares about the coummunity and
not to someday hope to weasel into a judgeship as a political favor for his loyalty like Nino Giacchi.

It's Official!

The petitions are in and we now have to really get to work.

I need everyone's help... so please go to my website and sign up to Volunteer or Donate.

For all of you that have been already helping me, I cannot thank you enough. Your support confirms to me that I have made the right choice in running.


In order to win this election I am going to need every person I know in Hoboken to come out and
volunteer for me on Election Day.

Window Signs are here. Let's get them up.

Please email me if you would like one for your window.

Thank you all in advance for your support,

Jennifer Giattino
201.780.6779 ◦