Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Jersey Sting Book Signing at the Malibu Diner

"The Jersey Sting" book signing in Hoboken happened yesterday at the Malibu Diner from 3:30-5:00pm. The two authors Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin were there to sign copies of the book and promote it as well. Josh Margolin commented during the event that the response has been very positive about the book. One special guest was none other than Mayor Dawn Zimmer. It makes sense for her to have attended since lets face it, due to the aftermath of Operation Bid Rig, that sting helped make Dawn Zimmer Mayor as Peter Cammarano was caught in the dragnet and had to resign.

The topic of Mike Russo was brought up again and the authors stand by their account that Russo initially agreed to take a bribe in 2009 but never showed up to take the money. The author's are debating whether or not to release the tapes form that conversation and will make a decision soon. Here is hoping they do to shed some light as to what exactly was said. This book is much bigger than Hoboken but the details of Mike Russo's meetng with Solomon Dwek have the Hoboken voters exactly what happened between Mike Russo and Solomon Dwek.
Jersey Sting Authors Josh Margolin and Ted Sherman.

The Mayor gets her copy signed.

The Malibu has since had a makeover since Peter Cammarano went down in the sting in 2009.

Josh Margolin talks aout the book a bit: