Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Perry Klaussen and Beth Mason Love Affair Continues - $$$$$ Cha-Ching!

Beth Mason is plastered all over Hoboken 411 today with her banner ads. I wonder if we will see the expenditures on her ELEC reports? After all Beth Mason always seems to think of herself as transparent. What ever few readers are left over at Hoboken 411 should at least know that Perry Klaussen is getting good coin from his number one advertiser and alleged sponsor Beth Mason. So, do you think Perry Klaussen's editorial slant is in any way effected by these ads and or sponsorship? Booyah, "you betchya", cha-ching, etc. !!! Share your thoughts in the comments below on the farce of a political website known as Hoboken 411.

My Comment: In the spirit of transparency I personally have donated the following to the candidates of Good Governance as follows as of 3/16/2011...

1st Ward Eric Kurta - $500.
2nd Ward Tom Greaney- $1,000. (he is up against spend-thrift Beth Mason)
3rd Ward Greg Lincoln- $250. (more on the way)
4th Ward Rami Pinchevsky - $500.
5th Ward Peter Cunningham- $1,000. (this is my ward)
6th Ward Jennifer Giattino- $250. (more on the way)

I have to do this since I run a blog and always want to be square up with my readers with which candidate I back. Donate to who you think is best and give only what you can. At least you know where I stand. I don't expect anything back from any of these candidates other than trying to get them elected and hoping that they will make the best decisions for the City as a whole going forward if elected. Nothing to profit from for me other than better City leadership. Hoboken will benefit if at least two of these candidates get elected to form a good working majority that will actually work with the Mayor. It would be even better if three or four get elected from this list.

Note: This will also be the last time I am so generous in Hoboken elections not involving my own candidacy. If the average Hobokenite can't get motivated to vote out the likes of temperamental Terry Castellano, not very independent vote buying Tim Occhipiniti, politrickin' Mike Russo, as well as maniacal and power mad Beth Mason then they get the government they deserve. Should there be an electoral defeat for the good governance movement in May and June they will have to take a good look in the mirror (no not you Scott Delea) and figure out how to get elected. Translation to reform and the citizenry:  Get off your asses and do something to get informed or stop complaining about your taxes! Seriously. ◦