Thursday, March 24, 2011

Statement From Mayor Zimmer on Ian Sacs and Employee Alleged Incident


According to several eye witness accounts, Director Sacs was attacked today by a City employee inside City Hall. Witnesses included a Police officer and a retired Police officer.

“While I believe Director Sacs is the victim of workplace violence, I am calling for an independent 3rd party to thoroughly review this matter,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Workplace violence is an extremely serious matter and cannot be condoned. My Administration has zero tolerance for such conduct, and I urge the Council to support this internal review and codify the Ethics ordinance which seeks to address this issue.”

A claim and counterclaim have been filed by the parties, and the case will proceed through a municipal court outside of Hoboken in addition to the 3rd party independent review which will begin as soon as possible. The alleged attacker has been suspended without pay pending further investigation.

My comment: A third party investgation on top of the normal police procedures is the right way to go with this for both sides sake. The facts will come out. Both the Director and the employee have a right to due process. ◦