Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mike Russo Steps Down As VP and Finance Chair

Last night Mike Russo took his lumps and stepped down from VP and Finance Chair last night at the April 6th Hoboken City Council meeting. This was due to the mounting pressure from his own supporters as well as his political opponents over the release of the FBI tapes by The Jersey Sting authors Josh Margolin and Ted Sherman. Those tapes showed Mike Russo bashing pay-to-play and stopping just short of taking money quid quo pro from informant Solomon Dwek in 2009. Mike Russo's brazen behavior last week in denial of the tapes content was so stupid in retrospect. Those tapes would probably never been released had he not essentially called the authors liars. This stupidity was picked up by the editor's of a national website that had the Mike Russo tapes story linked to a local blog under the category of "Dumbass".

Mike Russo video truck featured scenes from his FBI surveillance tapes.
This was right in front of Carlo's. Corruption and Cupcakes
There was a protest outside of City Hall with dozens of people calling for his resignation outright to stepping down from his various other positions.

Protest in front of City Hall last night on Mike Russo corruption. If there were
criminal chargesit undoubtedly would have been bigger.
Mike Russo remains on the HHA Board despite revelations that he broke the rules for Hector Claviera. He will likely get re-elected since his base of Church Towers is typically a solid lock. They all vote for him because they either like him or fear the wrath of Mama Russo who calls the shots in those buildings a lot like Joseph Stalin.  If the voters of Hoboken should re-elect Mike Russo on May 10th it will allow the culture of corruption to continue. If this doesn't awaken the good government voting base nothing will. ◦