Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photos of the Day - Russo gets an Envelope! David Cruz Envelops Jimmy Farina!

These photos were taken last Saturday at the kickoff of the 2011 Little League baseball season in Hoboken.

City Clerk Jimmy Farina (right)  hand Mike Russo (center) an envelope as Jersey City political operative David Cruz perhaps wonders where is his envelope? The envelope actually contained the City Council papers for the upcoming meeting and not a payment from Solomon Dwek. Nothing to see here now move on! :)

Political operative David Cruz shows the City Clerk of Hoboken Jimmy Farina a little tenderness to hopefully smooth over any future anomalies like in the last election. Does anyone else feel a tad bit uncomfortable about this closeness of a public official like the City Clerk to a supporter of a candidate who allegedly padded the ballot box with massive amounts of vote buying last fall? Maybe its just me? Perhaps La Familia getting a little too familiar?  Nothing to see here, move along!