Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mike Russo Surveillance Tapes Released! Mike Caught Dead to Rights Conspiring to Bribe

Here is the breaking news that could just wake the Hoboken voter from their apathy and get them to vote out the current council majority: The Mike Russo Surveillance Tapes in three parts. The authors of the new book "The Jersey Sting" mentioned in their book that Russo had agreed to take a bribe but never actually showed up i the follow up meeting to take the envelope. Russo denied the author's the account. Here is the response from Josh Margolin and Ted Sherman to set the record straight.  The videos and introduction below are courtesy of the NJ Star Ledger.

"Hoboken Councilman Michael Russo, who until last week had never been tied to the N.J. corruption sting, has since acknowledged that he had, in fact, met with failed real estate magnate and FBI informant Solomon Dwek alias David Esenbach. Russo charged that the authors of the book "The Jersey Sting", incorrectly describes the meeting he had with Dwek. Russo insists that "No bribe was discussed." Today authors Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin released a copy of the recording showing the full meeting between Dwek and Russo at the Light Horse Tavern in Jersey City that indicates otherwise."

Part 1 of 3- Russo Surveillance Video

Part 2 of 3- Russo Surveillance Video

Part 3 of 3- Russo Surveillance Video

My Comment: Question: Will we see this video on Hoboken 411 ant time soon? Don't hold your breath. Hoboken's most complete website on Hoboken Business and News has to check in wth his paymasters first and they are not too happy.