Friday, April 1, 2011

Taco Truck and QLC have a Plan to Plant more Trees in Hoboken: Eat their Tacos!

"Eat a Taco,
plant a tree,
a new program,
for the environment working you will see."
- The Bard of Hoboken

Here is the latest in innovative programs to make Hoboken greener from QLC and the Taco Truck...


The Taco Truck (TTT) and the Quality of Life Coalition and its Committee for a Green Hoboken (QLC/CGH) announce the Tacos for

Trees campaign for the month of April, in honor of Earth Day 2011, April 22. Starting April 15 and extending through May, between 25 and 50 trees will be planted in Hoboken. TTT will fund the program, which will be overseen by the Hoboken citizen group. “We are committed to supporting local non-profits that embrace our shared values of sustainability,” said Jason Scott, Founder and CEO at The Taco Truck.

TTT is donating 10% of its taco sales during April from its Hoboken brick and mortar location to the project. TTT incorporates sustainability into all aspects of its business, sources locally grown and all-natural ingredients and their brick and mortar location is LEED Gold certified. “You can do yourself and Hoboken a favor,” says Tom Chartier, chairman of QLC’s CGH, “by patronizing the Taco Truck and the restaurant, you will be supporting a business that utilizes environmentally sustainable practices and enjoying great tacos while swelling those April sales. The more sales, the more trees.”

QLC/CGH coordinated with the Hoboken Shade Tree Commission and recently deployed 12 residents who walked the streets and produced a list of possible locations for the plantings. The city’s Environmental Services Department is actively involved in the project. The lower grades of Hoboken Schools will be participants in the program. Children will be present for the plantings and adopt a tree whose growth they will follow through the school year. Members of the CGH will also be presenting an in-school green program in the higher grades.

The New Jersey Tree Foundation will actually plant most of the trees. Bart Bakelaar, a local landscaper, will prepare the pit for the first tree planting.

“Tacos for Trees is a unique collaboration between an outstanding green business that is providing the means to increase the number of trees in the city and groups of residents that are helping to achieve the planting,” notes Helen Manogue, Coordinator of QLC and its Committee for a Green Hoboken. “It is our great pleasure to be in partnership with Jason Scott for this important project. Our enthusiasm is enhanced by the extensive assistance provided by the Hoboken Shade Tree Commission and the city’s Department of Environmental Services. Tacos for Trees has brought together the best the community has to offer.”

About The Taco Truck:

The Taco Truck (TTT) was inspired by the culture surrounding the taquerias and food trucks of Mexico. Co-founders Jason and Shachar Scott saw the opportunity to build upon that culture and bring it to the East Coast. Roberto Santibañez is the culinary talent behind the concept and ensures authentic flavors in every bite. Chris Viola, COO and a seasoned restaurateur, brings valuable experience and leadership to the team. TTT embraces sustainability as a core element of their business, sourcing local and all-natural ingredients, composting all their food waste and even their brick and mortar location in Hoboken is slated to be LEED-Gold Certified.

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About the Quality of Life Coalition:

QLC ( has a long history of working with other groups concerned about clean air and water, flooding, the density of development, the need for open space, the lack of parking and anything that threatens a good and healthy living environment in this densely populated city. QLC is committed to preserving Hoboken’s unique streetscape and the old and historic buildings that make Hoboken a special place. Specific initiatives spearheaded by QLC include organizing candidates’ forums for local elections, advocating a western alignment for the light rail tracks, preventing construction of a hockey arena at the train terminal, and acquiring land for a park at 1600 Park. In March 2008, QLC established the Committee for a Green Hoboken, which actively advocates for green initiatives in local government and hosts education series for residents and businesses in greener building and lifestyle choices. ◦