Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video: Protest at Hoboken City Hall Regarding Mike Russo

Here is the video from yesterday's protest against Mike Russo outside Hoboken City Hall. Protesters were motivated by the evidence of intent of political corruption based on the release of the FBI tapes earlier this week from an encounter Mike Russo had with FBI informant Solomon Dwek in 2009. The protest started at 6pm and "petered" out at around 6:45PM.

Many of the protesters brought their signs inside for the City Council meeting but were instructed by the HPD to remove the sticks attached to the signs. You see the sticks could be used as weapons. Take note for future protests against Mike Russo the next time he gets caught on tape. Despite his pleadings that his words on tape were just him being arrogant my judgment is (and yes I am judging as I have a blog) that corruption runs much deeper in his inner core than he lead people to believe in his quasi-apology last night.

Newly coronated VP Tim Occhipiniti, now a heartbeat away from the City Council Presidency (and you thought the idea of VP Sarah Palin was scary) will greatly benefit from Mike Russo remaining on the HHA. That position is the key to the 4th Ward vote buying operational framework that got Tim elected in the first place. Note to the supporters of corruption and Mike Russo: If you think I am committing libel or slander by making this previous statement go ahead and sue me f*ckers. Yep, I just gave you a Bobby Flay style throw down. You have run rough shod over this town for long enough.

Detractors of Zimmer and her allies say that this protest was pathetic, especially our little diminutive ghost writer at Hoboken 411 that was particularly disheveled and unhinged last night in council chambers. It looks like this news hit him like a Municipal Garbage truck right outside his apartment. It wasn't a bad turnout for a rainy day. I say the pressure got Mike Russo to step down from 2 key posts and do at least 5 minutes of public groveling. Oh how I love to see the corrupt grovel. Enjoy the video!