Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Greg Lincoln Campaign Hits the Home Stretch

Here is a letter from Greg Lincoln's campaign in the 3rd Ward. He is running against corruption and Mike Russo and his family crime syndicate that has run roughshod over this town for long enough. Best of luck to Greg in getting the vote out to stop the Russo family and their harmful ways.

Dear Supporter,

We're in the final leg of the campaign with only 7 days to the Tuesday May 10th Hoboken municipal election. You've been with us from the beginning, and with your help we can finally bring the honest representation to the 3rd Ward that has been absent for the past 8 years.

This past week you saw my letter to the editor in the Hoboken Reporter, "The Trust is Broken," detailing Councilman Russo's FBI tape revelations (Lincoln Link: This wasn't the first time Councilman Russo has betrayed the public trust. The scope of Councilman Russo's long history of corruption is now laid out in a new web page we've created, complete with links to supporting documents from the public record (Lincoln Link:

If we are to move Hoboken ahead we must end the corruption that has pushed Hoboken to the point of bankruptcy, left us with a collapsing infrastructure, and too few parks.

What can you do?

Join me canvassing with Mayor Dawn Zimmer, this Thursday May 5th, from 7 to 9 a.m. I'll also be out every day talking with 3rd Ward residents. Even an hour of your time can help spread the the word that there is an honest choice in the 3rd Ward.

On election day, Tuesday May 10th, show your support as a campaign volunteer. Just a few hours of your time will make a difference. We need volunteers on the street to get out the vote and to remind residents that there is finally an honest choice for the 3rd Ward. If you have more time you can volunteer at a polling location to provide oversight and to ensure that this is a clean and fair election. Put a campaign poster in your window and talk to your neighbors to remind them of the upcoming election and the importance of their vote.

Hoboken is at a critical juncture and the outcome of the election on May 10th will determine if we move Hoboken ahead or return to the corruption of the past. Join me and vote to move Hoboken ahead. Vote 1B for Greg Lincoln, the honest choice for the 3rd Ward.

Contact us at to volunteer or to get campaign posters.

Thank you for your continued support.

Greg Lincoln ◦