Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hoboken Journal Ward and District Breakouts with Percentages

The Hoboken Journal prides itself on the best charts in the Hoboken blogosphere when it comes to political results. Here are the unofficial results reformatted ward by ward and district with percentages for the 2011 City Council elections where 6 seats were up for grabs. The Mayor only needed to pick up two seats to regain the majority and in that sense it is mission accomplished. Still the numbers do show a highly divided electorate in Hoboken. This isn't like Union City where Brian Stack enjoys a 90% plurality and taking Hoboken's hard earned money via the County. 2013 promises to be interesting but in my opinion is the the Mayor is the favorite with the odds going down the lower the turnout. With a new majority, Zimmer has 18 months to build up her base and increase her odds even more but she has to perform.

2011 Hoboken City Council Election Results
Includes Machine and Vote by Mail but not provisionals

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