Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Video- Maxwell's Holiday Party with James Brown (tribute artist)

On the advice of a bar tending friend who knows about music and musical acts, I was told to check out Maxwell's Holiday Party to see a performer I estimate to be of Indian (Asian) descent dressed up as James Brown. I stopped by and was able to check out a very lively scene. This party  was no where nearly as politicized or extravagant as the recent W Hotel Party covered by Hoboken Patch writer Alan Skontra but I can assure you it was quite lively in its own right. Hudson County Freeholder and HPD Police Captain Anthony "Stick" Romano popped in a bit later but no other politicos were in sight like Beth Mason.

Had she been there she would have undoubtedly bought every one a round with her husband's hard earned money. It seems Mrs. Mason has been emboldened by the success of vote buying in the 4th leading to a truly ill prepared and allegedly bought and paid for candidate winning. She spent a lot of money on TV ads right before the 4th Ward special election and a few people reported her buying rounds at 2nd Ward bars during the Giants/Cowboy's Monday night football game.

Anyway I digress. Here are some highlights of a fun time last night at Maxwells. Apparently this guy and his musical partner have done this show at Maxwell's for the last 5 years. What a great tradition. Does Beth Mason "Feel good" now that a very viable candidate in Tom Greaney has announced. I know several former avid  Mason supporters that intend to host private fundraisers on Tom's behalf. So I ask again, how does Beth Mason feel about her chances in the spring. Does she "Feel Good"?

Pardon the poor quality of the video and sound as this was done via iPhone in dim lighting.
James Brown Impersonator at Maxwell's Holiday Party Part 1:

James Brown Impersonator at Maxwell's Holiday Party Part 2: