Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zimmer Administration provides update on progress regarding 9/11 Memorial

From the City of Hoboken, an update on the 9/11 memorial project. Under the Zimmer Administration the project was scaled down from the spend thrift extravagant $4.5 million plan the Roberts Administration wanted to a more tasteful and budget conscious design that was conceived through a community process rather than the back door delaing for favored vendors as had been done in the past.


On November 30, 2010, the City of Hoboken held a public hearing on the proposed 9/11 Memorial at Pier A Park. A design was presented for a memorial to be located within the large grove of trees on Pier A. There was some concern about the location, including the need to remove trees and the subsequent impact on the integrity of the tree root system. During the meeting, attendees discussed the topic and reached a general consensus involving potential relocation of the site. The 9/11 Memorial Committee expressed that they are willing to consider moving the site near the “living memorial” of trees on the northwest section of Pier A in order to preserve the original grove of trees. Although the original “island” design for the memorial has been deemed too expensive, the September 11th Memorial Committee expressed their pleasure with the revised design presented at the public meeting as it incorporates design elements and is based on the original design what was developed through a process with the committee.

The feedback received at the meeting, which can be viewed on the City website, supports moving forward with the design and completing the memorial.

“I am pleased we were able to reach consensus with the September 11th Memorial Committee and other community participants for a new location on Pier A,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Hoboken was strongly impacted by September 11th, and I will continue to work to move this process forward so that we have a fitting memorial for the families of those who were lost and our entire community.”

Given the discussions and feedback from the meeting, new locations on Pier A are being evaluated and the landscape architect for the memorial will return with additional location options for the memorial. In early January, the City will announce plans for the next community meeting to discuss the revised proposal. Residents interested in being notified of the next community meeting may sign up for updates on the September 11th Memorial by emailing