Monday, May 9, 2011

Peter Cunningham Pounding the Pavement for 5th Ward City Council

I spotted Peter Cunningham at 8th and Washington Street this morning. He feels confident and relayed to me that he has been getting positive feedback on the campaign trail. I mentioned the possibility of a runoff and he responded by saying if he gets 775 votes that there might not even be a runoff. It would appear that Perry Belfiore and Scott Delea are dividing up the old guard vote and that Lenny Luizzi is not gaining the ground that he had hoped though the normally reserved guy is out there campaigning. All three of Peter's opponents were at Beth Mason's HQ kickoff. On Russo's corruption Perry Belfiore said "mea culpa", Lenny said "Russo was probably joking" and the ever evasive enigma Scott Delea has yet to comment publicly on Mike Russo's corruption tapes.

Still one of Lenny's supporters thinks he will win. All I can say to that is that elections are uncertain events but that that outcome is not probable. Depending on turnout Peter Cunningham might have an outside chance of not having a runoff but turnout will have to be very good in order for that to happen.

Is 775 votes the magic number for Peter to avoid a runoff? We will have to see. That's why we have elections folks. Make sure you vote tomorrow. Save the City of Hoboken money by avoiding a runoff election. ◦