Monday, May 9, 2011

On the Elections Tomorrow - The Uncertainty Makes it Interesting

Here is my brief take on the elections tomorrow, fueled mostly by an email I sent to a support of the Mason-Russo axis of Obstructionism and Corruption that I still enjoy chatting with despite our political differences.

For the elections tomorrow: If the turnout is low it will bode well for the Masonistas, the Russo Apologists and the Delean/Giacchian blow with the wind contingent. I ultimately predict that the Zimmerists pick up at least 2 seats if turnout is good. If not, well we get to watch Tim Occhipinti become the next Governor of New Jersey. He is following in Cammy's (Peter Cammarano's) footsteps right up up there with the vote buying and double voting.

Despite the fact that Beth Mason is probably the most despised figure in reform politics (lost to a spatula 85-15 in an online poll) Greaney is not a shoo-in by any means to beat her, quite the opposite. His campaign manager has not earned an A for execution and it could cost him. Still, with a presumably small base Beth Mason will have a tough time farming votes like Tim Occhocorrupto who has a goldmine of people willing to sell out their vote for $40. No such luxury in the 2nd Ward. Greaney definitely has a core of support and the question will be whether or not he can get enough of his vote out.

The people who live in the brownstones and who pay taxes know who to vote for. They won't be distracted by titles like "independent" with so much at stake. Those people know the score, Beth Mason's contempt for the taxpayer and all her machinations and will not be throwing their vote away tomorrow on such fringe candidates. First timers with no affiliations generally make a name for themselves and that is about it. Remember that Independent that ran against Christie and Corzine in the last NJ Governor's election? Me neither he was at one point polling 15%. As the election neared it lessened and he wound up with less the 5%. I will call this the "Franz Effect" and mark my words something similar should go down.

Greaney may have been bankrupt over 15 years ago but Beth Mason is morally bankrupt in her grab for power laying in bed with the Russos. What a despicable little crime family she is allied with. Only in Hoboken can a politician  be caught red handed on tape selling out to an out-of-towner like Solomon Dwek do everything but take the money and be a lead pipe lock to get re-elected. Thats right, Mike Russo wins is the only thing certain in this election and you can take that bold prediction right to the Malibu Diner or Lewisburg PA, where the winner of the 2009 Mayoral Runoff debate now resides. His perceived competence over Zimmer got him really far in politics. Yeah right!

I potentially plan to be at Mason's HQ tomorrow night when Lane Bajardi either creams in his pants that his dear leader is not dead in Hoboken politics or to see him blow his brains out (figuratively) when his world comes crashing to an end with stunning her defeat. Either way it makes for great theater.

The good guys say: "Love your town, Vote". People don't show up and vote because some of them would rather be at a happy hour or they are out of town on business.

The bad guys do: Get people to vote twice for the old guard: once by mail with Frank Raia or Matt Callichio standing over your shoulder and running their results over in person to the clerk, and once on the machines under a different name on the machines. Besides, Frank Raia gets special treatment from our City Clerk.

Makes you feel real confident about our elections being fair right?

- The Editor ◦