Monday, May 9, 2011

4th Ward Challenger to Tim: Election Day is Tomorrow - VOTE 1A for Rami Pinchevsky

Message from 4th Ward candidate that is challenging Tim Occhipinti who ran on a platform of independence but has been nothing of the sort voting lock stock and barrell with the Mason-Russo Axis of Obstruction since he defeated Michael Lenz......

May 10, 2011

Polls Open 6AM - 8PM


I've spent the past few months meeting hundreds of people all over the 4th Ward, and with each encounter I become more certain that we need a new direction in Hoboken. I am running for City Council in the 4th Ward because I believe we can work to make our corner of town a little bit better. Corruption and incompetence have held back our City for too long, and unfortunately, our current councilman is the poster child of both. We need someone who will restore integrity to City Hall and who has the skills necessary to tackle the budget. I have been an outspoke advocate for improving quality of life for years - starting with the Save Block 11 movement. As an actuary, I know how to analyze the budget numbers to save homeowners money. The choice is clear.

But we are only going to win if you come out to vote. When Mayor Zimmer first ran for City Council, she only won by six votes! We have to show up at the polls tomorrow - show up early - because if we don't show up to vote, how would we expect anyone else to.


In case you haven't heard by now, a PATH train failed to stop and ran into the terminous yesterday. Thankfully, so one was seriously injured, though 34 people were rushed to area hospitals. Service was suspended for several hours, but thanks to the prompt response of Mayor Zimmer and the agencies at the state and federal level, service was restored before the end of the day. While everything may not be back to 100%, it could have been much worse.


As our race heats up, Tim Occhipinti’s Beth Mason funded mail is getting more creative. Tim hasn’t addressed my candidacy directly; instead he’s relied on lies and poorly researched falsifications aimed at the mayor and her staff. Here’s a fact check to help you bring those skeptical neighbors with you to the polls:

LIE: "35% pay raises for the Mayor's personal aides and her political consultant."

THE TRUTH: One of Mayor Zimmer's very first acts as Mayor was to slash her own salary and those of her directors by 10% each. She eliminated the position of Chief of Staff, for which Tim Occhipinti's good friend Peter Cammarano was doling out $125,000 plus benefits and pension.

LIE: "2 unqualified political appointees at $80,000 salaries. Even worse, you're paying for their tuition to get them qualified."

THE TRUTH: Mayor Zimmer brought the era of political patronage in Hoboken to a screeching halt the day she was sworn in, seeking only the best professionals the city can afford in order to maximize value to the taxpayers at minimal cost. Tim Occhipinti is the real supporter of corrupt cronyism. He rewarded his vote-buyer-in-chief, Frank Raia, with a position on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. Raia was the ringleader of an alleged vote-for-cash operation, now under review by the state Attorney General's office, which garnered Tim 550 votes and clinched the election.

LIE: "$10,000 for directors and political appointees to stay and party at casinos in Atlantic City while they're supposed to be attending a conference."

THE TRUTH: Hoboken officials, like the officials of each of 566 municipalities throughout New Jersey, attended an educational conference hosted by the League of Municipalities conference. Tim Occhipinti's close friend and ally Mike Russo went on the real taxpayer funded jaunt when he famously engaged in unsavory behavior in a Hooters, including sharing Hoboken Police guns with Hooters waitresses.

LIE: "An all expense paid 'working' vacation to Vancouver, with limousine service to and from the airport for a City Director."

THE TRUTH: Mayor Zimmer's Parking and Transportation Director Ian Sacs attended an industry conference in Vancouver for his field, through which he added tremendous value for the taxpayers by bringing back broad perspectives on his position from peers and educators all over the world. Ian Sacs has won awards and accolades for his visionary and forward-thinking parking and transportation solutions while improving the operational efficiency of his department. Occhipinti’s friend Mike Russo wants to bring back a man who stole $1 million in quarters from the City’s meters while working for our government.

This Tuesday, please come out and vote for me, Rami Pinchevsky, to stop the political cronies once and for all and give Mayor Zimmer a City Council that can help her move Hoboken ahead with change that's working!

This Tuesday I need YOU! Election day is here; and so is the choice between corruption and clean elections, obstructionism and smart, independent votes on the council, cronyism and a real community advocate. We have come this far with your support. Now, please remember to vote this Tuesday…and bring at least 3 friends with you to the polls! This election will be close! Don’t let vote-buying and backroom deals drown out your voice for another year. This is our Hoboken too. Let’s move forward together!

Rami Pinchevsky
4th Ward City Council Candidate