Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scott Delea Throws Hoboken Revolt Under the Bus and they Respond

Hoboken Revolt sent out this statement correcting the misinformation that Scott Delea put out there about Hoboken's insane fiscal history and their role in fighting it.

A message to all members of Hoboken Revolt

The Steering Committee of Hoboken Revolt would like to set the record straight about a recent statement made by Scott Delea, candidate for Hoboken City Council in the 5th Ward. Mr. Delea is a former member of the Hoboken Revolt steering committee. In his statement, Mr. Delea said, "As a founding member of Hoboken Revolt and Lower Hoboken Taxes, I led the fight against corruption and higher taxes after Councilman Cunningham's failure to pass a budget led to a 78% tax increase." Mr. Delea was a key member of the steering committee, although not a founding member of the original organization. The founding members can attest to the fact that Revolt was created to address years of corruption and fiscal mismanagement that resulted in the massive tax increase. The objective was to hold the council members accountable for their actions.

At no time did Hoboken Revolt lay any blame on Councilman Cunningham or other members of the Council who voted against passage of the underfunded budget. Quite the opposite. We supported those council members who had the courage to reject yet another underfunded and bloated budget.

Our mission continues to focus on responsible fiscal management and transparency in government that benefits the city of Hoboken.

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My Comment: Wow. In addition to lying (or not knowing what happened) it looks like Scott has resorted to historical revisionism too. Generally speaking, Revolt members were for fiscal responsibility and paying as you go. If one were to take a straw poll back then, Revolt was against passing David Robert's underfunded budget. Keep in mind that Beth Mason and Mike Russo also voted no to not pass the underfunded budget by Dave Roberts that led to the state takeover. Scott Delea was probably too busy partying down by the Jersey Shore to remember this or it is desperation time in camp Delea.
Beth Russo and Mike Mason are giving her support to Scott Delea so it is fine by them for him to attack Cunningham. However, since he has such a poor understanding of the issues he is attacking his allies as well. Quite fitting actually and just goes to show how little he really knows about why Hoboken got to where we are now.
It seems like to me that Scott Delea has a special skill and that is burning bridges. I wonder if he ever will be welcome back at Hoboken Revolt in the likelihood that he looses either today or in June. ◦