Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get out and Vote for Hoboken City Council May 10th! Today!

Update 5/10/11: Today is City Council Election Day 2011. Turnout is expected to be about 8,000 voters out of a potential of 36,000 voting aged people in Hoboken according to some of my sources. If it is more than that it bodes very well for the cllection of candidates bck by Mayor Zimmer. If not, it could be a long day for reform.

Below is a note from a local realtor that summarizes some information on the upcoming City Council election. Whether you support Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the progress she is trying to accomplish (i.e. a rational taxpayer) or that you don’t like her policies and want a City Council to oppose her at almost every turn (on the take, developer sell-out), you should exercise your right and make your voice heard at the polls on May 10th. It could take as little as five minutes of your time this coming Tuesday May 10th. Love your town and vote!

Here's who's running (* designates incumbent):

1st Ward
Eric Kurta (Endorsed by Mayor Zimmer)
Theresa Castellano* (Russo/Mason team)

2nd Ward
Tom Greaney (Endorsed by Mayor Zimmer)
Beth Mason* (Russo/Mason team)
Franz Paetzold
Patricia Waiters

3rd Ward
Greg Lincoln (Endorsed by Mayor Zimmer)
Michael Russo* (Russo/Mason team)

4th Ward
Rami Pinchevsky (Endorsed by Mayor Zimmer)
Tim Occhipinti* (Russo/Mason team)

5th Ward
Peter Cunningham* (Endorsed by Mayor Zimmer)
Scott Delea (Russo/Mason team)
Peter Belfiore
Leonard Luizzi

6th Ward
Jen Giattino (Endorsed by Mayor Zimmer)
Nini Giacchi* (Russo/Mason team)

Below is the realtor’s brief note:
If you already live in town, I thought I'd tell you about the upcoming election on Tuesday May 10th. It is for the City Council. This is an important elections that will impact your real estate taxes and how the direction the City will go in for at least 4 years, perhaps even longer.

Hoboken Patch, The Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View are sites that provide information about the issues and the candidates. The Hoboken Reporter is delivered to your door on Saturday and you can search their site as well at http://www.hudsonreporter.com/.

Below are the Ward maps so you can find which ward you are in along with the polling locations. Polls open at 6:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM Tuesday May 10th.

For Polling locations from The City of Hoboken . Click below:


Use these maps to figure out which Ward you live in. For those that don’t know Hoboken is divided up into 6 Wards.

The State of New Jersey also has a poll finder if you are not sure where your polling station is. Click here. ◦