Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beth Mason Supports Anthony Romano for Freeholder Who Won't Fund Repaving Washington Street

Here is another email from Beth Mason proving she is all in with the old guard by backing a candidate that was Dave Robert's 2nd or third choice. I personally like Stick Romano but I need to see him at least try to do more for Hoboken. Our county taxes go up and we in Hoboken have little to show for it. Beth Mason once again shows how detatched from reality she is with this flowering press release likely written by a staffer.

Dear Friend,

As you may be aware, Tuesday June 7th is the Democratic Primary Election. I am supporting the Real Democrats for Hoboken slate that is running in Column “A”. Please remember not to forget the candidates for Hoboken Democratic Committee and be sure to Vote Column “A” from top to bottom.

Our Freeholder Anthony Romano is running for reelection. In his first term Freeholder Romano proved to be a tremendous public servant for our community. He is a much needed ally in my continued efforts to stand up for good government and the rights of everyday people.

Freeholder Romano is not only a great advocate for the residents of the 2nd Ward, but for all the people of Hoboken. He fought to lower Hoboken’s county tax rate and continues to work to make sure we receive our fair share of County services. When Sinatra Drive North collapsed he immediately took action to begin repairs. His work with the Hudson County Municipal Alliance Against Drugs and Alcohol educates our children about the dangers of substance abuse.

When our roads in the 2nd Ward were filled with potholes Freeholder Romano did not hesitate to get the repairs we desperately needed. What resulted was the largest road repaving project in Hoboken history. These important improvements to our neighborhoods would not have happened without him. Our City will be well served by reelecting him for another term to be our voice on the Freeholder Board.

On Tuesday June 7th please vote for Column “A”. Polls are open from 6AM to 8PM. I look forward to seeing you on Election Day.

Thank you for your time.

My Comment: Anthony Romano told me last week that the County is not responsible for repaving Washington Street. I say BS! County taxes went up 7% last year so I ask the reader what is Anthony Romano doing to help get Washington Street repaved after Hudson County gobbles up Hoboken's money and gives us little in return back? Many vehicles from outside of Hoboken use that road. Sure the City should chip in but aren't we taxed enough? Hoboken needs to get someting more back. He needs to partially fund Washington Street's repaving to get my vote for him as Freeholder. ◦