Friday, June 24, 2011

Boo-Gate Update!: Mayor Zimmer on Booing at Hoboken High School Graduation

I had a chance to speak with Mayor Dawn Zimmer about the minor incident at the Hoboken High School graduation earlier this week. It is true that the Mayor was booed but not by students, but by parents and political opponents of  the Mayor according to the Mayor's account. I was not there but at least I can present the other side of the story that was published on Hoboken 411, the premier hate Zimmer blog in Hoboken.

The Mayor relayed to me the following information for publication on the record. She stated to me (paraphrased):

"The booing was clearly orchestrated by my political opponents and was not done by the students but rather adults. I at first waited for the booing to stop but then started to speak and the booing subsided. Later on I recieved applause for my remarks.

I find this behavior to be despicable and it hurts the school's image when my political oppenents orchestrate such a act that clearly is not in the best interest of the students or the Hoboken School System."

- Mayor Dawn Zimmer

My Comment: It should be noted that this incident was not picked up by Hoboken Patch who has writers in attendance but is part of the Mason/Russo/Ramos axis strategy to keep saying over and over that Dawn Zimmer as mayor is not popular. No doubt the Mayor has her critics but they are not by and large coming from those in good governance but those who opposed her reforms either because they eliminate waste and graft (the Russos/Ramos) or for their own political aspirations (Mason/Ramos). It is almost certain that this was orchestrated by someone in the Mason/Russo cabal and Hoboken 411 with the article even being pre-written by the dapper little anchor man and then executed by Perry Klaussen as soon as the event was over. I don't know who did it but I have at least one possible suggestion:

Boo! Boo! Bad Mayor for taking away my opportunities for graft. - Michele Boo-so