Thursday, June 16, 2011

Help "The Boken" get to 5,000 Twitter Followers

The Boken Online ( is a website that has been a sister blog to the Hoboken Journal since March of 2011. I am a contributor over there and part owner and they are close to having 5,000 Twitter followers which is a significant milestone. For comparison Hoboken 411 is only at 3,000 and change which is all that he appears to be working for these days.

So if you don't already follow the Twitter feed please consider doing so to get the latest updates about Hoboken bars and restaurants and other activities in the Mile Square. It is a site that stays out of the politics for the most part and helps local businesses get the word out. The Twitter account for  The Boken Online is

Oh and if you don't do so already, here is the twitter page for the HobokenJournal:

I have a shade under 600 followers and would like to get to 1,000 by the fall. You can help me out here as well.