Monday, June 27, 2011

Save the Hospital Petition- Sell it!

Below is a link to save the Hoboken UMC by supporting the sale of the Hospital to the winning bidder HUMC Holdco formed by the principals of Bayonne Hospital. The current HUMC is bleeding money on a daily basis and the principals of Bayonne do in fact have a record in turning around Bayonne Hospital. The sooner this deal is done the sooner the taxpayer can breath a sigh of relief that Hoboken will no longer have a $50 million plus liability hanging over its head. Most importantly going private is the only realistic way of securing the additional financial structures needed to support the hospital for the next 7 years as part of the terms of the deal.

HUMC needs a sale soon- only real way to save it!
This petition was started by Scott Siegel and forwarded to me with a note from reader "Donna" that reads:

"Beth Mason and her money is again trying to twist facts and obscure progress. She, in conjunction with, a group called Appleseed is trying to obstruct the sale of HUMC with a petition that obfuscates the truth about the hospital. Be part of the voice of reason and sign the petition supporting the HUMC Board's decision to sell the hospital.

The Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) Board under Toni Tomarazzo has penned a great deal to sell the HUMC to the Bayonne Medical Center (Hold Co is the name of the holding company). The deal will preserve the emergency room for at least 7 years and will relieve the taxpayer of a $52MM bond plus current payroll culminating is about $65MM in liability.

Beth Mason and the "corruptocrats" want to spin this in a bad light in order to write their campaign lit in 18 months.

Show your support by signing the petition that you support getting the hosipital off of the taxpayer. Click on the link below and sign the petition."

Link to petition: