Friday, July 8, 2011

Arch Liston to Beth Mason: Recind This! - Special Budget Meeting 7-13-2011

Arch Liston, Hoboken's Business Administrator is acting Mayor this week while Dawn Zimmer is on vacation. A special budget meeting has been called for July 13, 2011 to rescind Beth Mason's bogus zero surplus budget that was not approved by the State of New Jersey and put forth a new budget amendment and set the hearing date.

Thanks to Beth Mason's ineptitude, the zero surplus budget her old majority had proposed is no longer a reality. The unions that she so willingly panders to normally besides this debacle should be breathing a sigh of relief. There is no doubt in this editor's mind that zeroing out the surplus would have meant major layoffs down the line for public safety and municipal workers. Beth Mason should be ashamed of herself (but I doubt she is) putting her own political agenda against good budgeting practice. It would have resulted in unecessary layoffs that could have jeapordized vital services.

Below is the letter asking for the meeting to be noticed. The Hoboken Journal will re-instate the Live Blog for this event if the live feed is provided for by the City.