Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Hoboken Advocate- Support the Sale of the HUMC Tomorrow

Here is a note from the Hoboken Advocate on why you as a concerned taxpayer should speak up tomorrow at the open meeting on the sale of the HUMC and our Lady of Grace Church Annex in Hobken.

Please come to the Hospital meeting tomorrow at 6:00 at our Lady of Grace. Your appearance and support is critical!

The Unions and insurance companies don't want this deal to go through and will be going to the mic in droves. We need the voice of reason to show up and support the sale.

The hospital WILL CLOSE if this deal does not go through and the TAXPAYER WILL BE CAUGHT HOLDING THE BAG.

Outside unions will be coming to support the local union. Beth Mason will have her paid anti-Zimmer supporters including Appleseed - a supposed non-profit who will be advocating against the deal.

Insurance companies have penned favorable deals with the hospital which they don't want to see voided with the sale. These HMOs pay nothing and the hospital cannot survive because of them. They will be opposed to the sale because of their own vested interests.

Please come and speak to support the deal. I only write you when your participation is needed. Please come.

The Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) Board under Toni Tomorazzo have penned a great deal to sell the HUMC to the Bayonne Medical Center (Hold Co is the name of the holding company).

The deal will preserve the emergency room for at least 7 years and will relieve the taxpayer of a $52MM bond plus current payroll culminating is about $65MM in liability.

Beth Mason and the Corruptocrats want to spin this in a bad light in order to write their campaign literature in 18 months.


The Current State of the Hospital will bring Hoboken to financial Ruin. Hoboken needs this Sale to Go Through.

The Hoboken University Medical Center loses about $1MM a month. The Foundation raises only about $1MM a year and in 2010 only 1.6% went to cover the Hospital's losses.

The Hoboken taxpayer is on the hook for a $52MM bond plus current payroll in the event that the Hospital goes bankrupt. (About $65MM)

The Hoboken University Medical Center Board has negotiated a good deal with Bayonne Medical Center to sell the hospital and relieve the taxpayer of this looming debt. The deal requires that Bayonne maintain the emergency room for at least 7 years. The rest of the building will be used as they see fit within Hoboken's zoning laws.

Unions, employees and their families don't want Hoboken to sell the hospital because the lack of efficiency will most certainly be weeded out after the sale. There is no way that any operation can live in perpetuity at a lose so change is certain with the sale.

Show your support for the decision to sell the hospital so that all of the staff at the Hospital know this is the will of the people.

I am asking for name, address, email and comments. I am asking for this so that I can check your name against a directory to eliminate prank signers. We want a solid petition with valid signatures.

Please forward this to all you know who care about Hoboken's tax rate.

My comment: I am sympathetic to the Union members who may lose their jobs in this but I can't honestly see the hospital going forward as a standalone entity any longer. They are bleeding red ink every month. Everything must be put on the table to re-organize all contracts and at least put the hospital at break even status down the line. I agree with the Hoboken Advocate in principle on this as I see no other way to save the hospital and as many jobs as possible by having this deal happen and soon. ◦