Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hoboken 411 Reader Mail Parody- Rotten Bench

Here is the first of a series of simulated reader mail that is a parody of what is published on Hoboken 411. Hoboken 411 is the pro-Mason/Russo co-opted website of deceit and conceit that will twist the truth until it no longer represents even a smidgen of reality and becomes a full fledged lie.

Here is a parody of one such email from reader Dee Kay (who has a touch of Hoboken 411 Zimmer antipathy, Jerry Springer, and old guard mentality all fused into one big ignorant hate cocktail), She writes on the sorry state of a bench outside City Hall that she blames exclusively on Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Dear Editor,

I was waiting to be picked up by a friend after paying a parking ticket since I insist on parking wherever I want to when I want to. No Ian Sacs is going to tell me where I can park my car. I have lived here longer than Ian Sacs and Mayor Dawn Zimmer and no uppity newcomer is going to take away my advantages in selective parking enforcement. And those damn Corner Cars! Don't  get me started. Talk to the hand! Anyway  I digress.... 

While waiting outside City Hall on Newark Street I sat in this bench and couldn't believe the state of disrepair it is in. The best part was that the Carpentry Division van was parked right next to the bench. How could the City Carpenters see this park bench the way it is and not try to fix it. I can see someone like ambulance chaser Bruce Gates suing the City on behalf of one of his clients for the pain and suffering caused by excessive splinters. That Mayor Dawn Zimmer has been a real disappointment. She should fix that bench or get someone to fix it pronto. Maybe that Timmy guy should be our next Mayor instead. Beth Mason thinks he's smart. I also would blame Zimmer for global warming but it doesn't exist Anyway I digress. Back to my meds.


Dee Kay

Dee Kay Submitted these photos of the City of Hoboken's sub-par bench.

My Comment: Please keep in mind that this is a parody and opinions of the mistress of entropy Dee Kay are not necessarily those of the Hoboken Journal.