Monday, July 25, 2011

HUMC Flashback: Quigley Down Under in a Sea of Red Ink 2009

Below is a video (courtesy of estevens) from Hoboken University Medical Center spokesperson and VP of External Affairs (and NJ State Assemblywoman) Joan Quigley where discusses layoffs and other cost-cutting measures at HUMC. This is From the Cablevision Neighborhood Journal, Hudson News edition, January 27, 2009.

Joan Quigley, in her function of HUMC VP of External Affairs, speaks of the possibility of layoffs due to the financial conditions of the HUMC back in 2009. She mentions that layoffs were the last possibility in that situation. She also mentions that caregivers were also the last to be laid off if the layoffs would happen. She mentions that she hopes to have better news next time. This is in January of 2009. Flash forward....

My Comment: Well, the layoffs never happened and the financial news on the HUMC over the next 2 plus years never got better in fact just worse. Not to single out the well spoken Quigley, but non-medical personel that could have been targeted could have been positions like hers when the hospital was struggling. After all the unions did take a pay cut but as I have stated earlier, if the demand is not there at the hospital, the staffing has to be appropriate to the level of services. Hudson County politicians have to stop looking at these institutions as job mills and start looking at them from an operational efficiency standpoint. No wonder Hoboken is in the mess they are in today with respect to the hospital. The tough medicine should have happened way sooner. Enter Dr. Turnaround, The Bayonne Medical Group will be ready to give this Hospital a dose of it pending state approval. ◦