Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo of the Day and Poll- Peter Cammarano Picking up Trash

Today's photo of the day is that of former Mayor Peter Cammarano picking up trash in 2009. This was before operation "Bid Rig" and all the craziness that ensued after he had just 23 days in office. The incarcerated Peter Cammarano was back in the traditional news last week when NJ.com and the Hudson Reporter finally got around to the story that was broken by the Grafix Avenger blog almost a month ago. Peter Cammarano is getting out early in March of 2012.  That is a significant reduction in his sentence of two years! It has some concluding that the only way that happens is that he gave the Feds something. You don't get that reduction from good behavior in the klink.

Former Mayor Peter Cammarano picking up trash in Hoboken in 2009.
Note to Pete: The job of picking up trash is not yet complete.
The Feds will have to step in. Thanks for talking (presumably).

Today's poll asks you the reader if his sentence should have been reduced further. Some felt two years was not enough for the violation of the Public trust. I suppose it is a very good thing that the FBI caught him early in his term. If the assumption that he is talking turns out to be true, he could very well  be the star witness/informant that precipitates the downfall of many of the old guard. At this point it is all speculation but there is a feeling something big could go down. I remain skeptical that optimistic that Feds will find something. I just don't know yet.

Express yourself in the poll below. Do you think if Peter Cammarano should have had his sentence reduced as much as it has been reported to have been shortened?