Monday, July 18, 2011

Is Hoboken 411 Authentically Local with All these Bots from Japan?

Perry Klaussen- F*&k you Hoboken, I am
Authentically Local! Not!
The Hoboken Journal broke the story of Hoboken 411's gaming the total Twitter followers just this last weekend. Here is the follow up which is to report on his feeble attempt to cover his tracks...

Perry Klaussen, Beth Mason-Russo blogger and owner of Hoboken 411 was using "bots" from Japan to take his traffic from 3,100 followers to over 4,300 in the span of a few short weeks. The count is now over 4,900 and growing. That would be great news for his advertisers but any numbers over 3,100 are very suspect and I believe are predominately from Japanese web twitter bots. To hide his misdeeds he blocked my account from seeing his latest totals but I know enough to get around his feeble attempts to hide the truth about Hoboken 411.

The truth to Klaussen is nothing but lies. Lies about politics and lies about his true Twitter audience. "Keeping Hoboken honest since 2006", yeah right! Why doesn't Perry Klaussen start with himself? If he even once tells an advertiser his fake Twitter numbers that is fraud. Note to advertisers: beware of large pizza eating man promoting false website numbers.

Now in all fairness, his site has been around since 2006 and to have the 3,100 Twitter followers he had before is an impressive feat which I believe grew organically. Of course The Boken now has over 5,100 Twitter followers not using bots so I am not sure what he hopes to gain by extending this number to exceed that of competitor websites TheBokenOnline, H-Mag, Eat Drink Hoboken and even Hoboken Patch. Certainly not if he wants people to really believe his website is "Authentically Local" as he likes to brag about. What is "Authentically Local" about bots from Japan to bump up your twitter followers? Answer: nothing.

Link to original story:

Here are some of Hoboken411's latest followers not from this area: 

My favorite bot name in this list is no doubt lunatik_bot. Fitting!