Saturday, July 16, 2011

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 uses Bots to Pump up Twitter Followers Numbers

About a month ago, Hoboken 411 had about 3,100 Twitter Followers. Certainly over 3,100 followers is an impressive feat for one of the early blogs to surface about Hoboken which was founded in 2006. As of tonight the Hoboken 411 Twitter Feed @hoboken411 has over 4,300 followers. Wow! How did he get over 1,000 new followers in over a month? Good question. Well the investigative powers of The Hoboken Journal have the answer. Bots. Plenty of Bots from foreign lands. Take a gander at who has signed up now for Hoboken411. Are they from Hoboken? No. Are they from NYC or nearby? No. They are from Asia! And they don't even appear to be human!

Note to advertisers who still shell out money to Hoboken 411 and waste it, the website market in Hoboken is very fragmented and I have always suspected that his traffic numbers aren't what he claimed them to be. Now, at least with respect to Twitter I have proof that he uses Bots to boost up at least his Twitter followers. If he fudges his numbers for Twitter, what is to stop him from doing that for his website traffic numbers?

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken 411

What prompted this was that over at a sister blog that I edit,, I was able to get us to 5,000 Twitter Followers by reaching out to individual readers and messaging them to join. It was s monotonous work but I didn't take any short cuts. Now I don't doubt that some of those accounts have nothing to do with anything remotely local but I can vouch that most of the newer followers have at least some interest in Hoboken. Here is the latest evidence that you simply can't trust on metrics coming from Perry Klaussen over at Hoboken 411. Just ask Nazumono_bot, AmiHarukazeBot, kakoubun_bot, etc. if they have ever heard of Hoboken. Good lord, such a cheap trick. It makes what else is under the curtain over at Hoboken 411. It gets ugly from here folks. This is an absolute act of desperation from the former Hoboken King of the Hill of Hoboken Blogs (until he sold out to Beth Mason) Perry Kooky Kontrived Killer Klown Krazy Shorts Klaussen.