Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beth Mason Strikes back on HUMC CEO Payout!

Beth Mason's latest salvo on the HUMC fired at Dawn Zimmer for trying to fulfill her campaign promise of privatizing the Hospital. Personally, I don't think any departing CEO should be rewarded for failing to do their job in turning around the hospital. Clearly Spiros Hatirus didn't. Word on the street is Spiros wanted even more. Instead he got $600K. I don't blame Zimmer for this though. Spiros' contract was likely set during the period when Dave Robert's allies (the same people Beth is aligned with) controlled the HUMC board. Beth Mason is married to a high profile attorney in Ricky Mason and doesn't even seem to understand the basics of contract law. As a City Council person time and time again she has displayed utter incompetance and here is yet another example.

The bottom line is that Spiros had to go in order for this deal to be finalized. Well now Beth Mason, how do you get a stubborn CEO to step aside? You offer him something. I don't have to like it though. Clearly Beth Mason doesn't either but I doubt her motivation is strictly on principle and apolitical. What is preposterous about the statement below is that Beth Mason once again accuses the Mayor as having Spiros as a political ally. The queen of mean is so desperate with her constant lies I wish it would be more laughable. The councilwoman of convoluted conniving will always put her own political interests first above that of Hoboken's. Here is her release:

Hoboken University Hospital chief executive received $600K severance package before bankruptcy filing

Dear Friend,

This morning the Star Ledger and Jersey Journal began to shine a light on what is really going behind the scenes as the sale of our hospital moves forward. Financial records reveal that the hospital’s former CEO was awarded a $600,000 severance package shortly before the hospital’s management company filed for bankruptcy. This golden parachute was approved by Mayor Zimmer and the members of the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority. The Jersey Journal asked Mayor Zimmer why the HUMA agreed to this payout when it wasn’t necessary, but according to the news story the Mayor “skirted the question”. The parachute is an absolute disgrace and should be terminated immediately.

While a politically connected CEO is being rewarded, our nurses are on the brink of losing their healthcare benefits. In addition, the hospital failed to make almost $2 million in payments to pension and healthcare funds for its 1,100 employees. Instead of standing up for taxpayers and treating other stakeholders fairly, the Hospital Authority is using this sale to benefit Mayor Zimmer’s political allies.

It is time for the Zimmer Administration and the Hospital Authority to stop operating in secrecy. The people of Hoboken deserve an open, inclusive, and transparent process. Together we will stop these backroom deals and continue to stand up for good government and the rights of everyday people.

- Beth Mason
Ex City Council President ◦