Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hoboken Legion of Superheroes Welcomes Wonder Woman!

Last night, Wonder Woman joined Robin, The Flash, and Batman for a bit of revelry and camaraderie as Hoboken’s latest superhero to be revealed. The Hoboken Legion of Super heroes now stands at four and according to not so boyish wonder Robin (who sports grey hair) more is on the way. The fearsome foursome were seen on Washington Street and elsewhere in Hoboken riding around led by Batman (the original Hoboken superhero) on their bikes blowing whistles as if they didn’t need any more attention.

Some say that this must be motivated by narcissism but based on TheBoken’s observations most people get a chuckle out of the superhero mania that has beset Hoboken. Some might say one has to be a bit bat sh*t crazy to parade around in a super hero costume but Halloween will soon be around the corner and many more will likely join in. Sure, at least one crabby year round short wearing not authentically local website owner (Killer Klown Klaussen) might be a “Debbie Downer” on the whole charade but TheBoken says live and let live and let people express themselves as long as no one is hurt in the process.

In Great Britain they have a term for people who are a bit off the beaten path, them call the “eccentrics” and have a long history of celebrating them. Besides, if everyone wore the same outfits all the time in the States wouldn’t that just be boring?

Hoboken has always had a history of its colorful characters both politically and socially. Perhaps this is just a new phase of that colorful past being brought into a even more colorful future with a new superhero twist. When you pack 50,000 people into a mile square, does one expect everyone to be truly normal?

Above all else, welcome Wonder Woman to the Hoboken Legion of Superheroes. You give the merry band a much needed shot of estrogen.

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