Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zimmer on Flooding

Yesterday, it once again was the perfect storm of heavy rainfall and high tides happening at the same time in Hoboken combined with inadequate 100 year wooden sewers. It was reported that people in the Skyclub building could not even get back to their apartments due to the flooding.

It was also reported that Councilman Occhipinti was enjoying a pint or two at the new Pilsener Haus while his Ward was flooding. One of his handlers must have got to him because he didn't stay too long. Tim apparently missed the Weather Channel this time. Poor Tim. Keeping up the facade of really caring about the 4th Ward must be really wearing away at his enfeebled brain. When you have multiple handlers it is hard to keep track of what you are supposed to do next. I hope he enjoyed his beer.

Note: Ruben Ramos and Dave Mello who also live in the 4th Ward and other politicos like Frank Raia and Peter Cunninham were there too. The Mayor was invited to the opening but declined as the flooding was her priority. Anyway, here is an update sent out at 6:45pm last night on the flooding...


Hoboken was hit hard yesterday with another round of flooding.

"Hoboken is facing severe flooding today due to the heavy rains during high tide," said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. "We have reports of man hole covers being dislodged throughout the City. It is so important that residents not walk or drive through flooded areas until the water recedes. Walking or driving through these areas is dangerous."

A wet weather pump station is currently under construction by the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. Start-up of the pump is projected for the fall of 2011.

"With a flood pump due to be completed soon, I'll be doing everything in my power to make sure that this is one of the last times Hoboken has to deal with flooding of this magnitude," added Mayor Zimmer. "Our Fire Department is on alert and ready to assist with cleanup efforts as soon as the water recedes, and Police are assisting with flooded vehicles."

The City of Hoboken is providing free parking in municipal Garages B, D, and Midtown through Wednesday, August 10 at 8am for residents who reside in flood prone areas and have a valid Resident parking permit or Temporary parking permit placard.

A map of flood-prone areas is available on the City website: